Rat mod 2

Pedal Modification | Mods

Even the simplest modifications to your stock pedals can have a major impact on the sound, style, and clarity.  The same man in charge of our amps has a wide variety of opinions and ideas on how to make your gear more inventive, giving you the edge for your sound to stand out.

You can take a simple, used DS-1 and have it maxed out with new caps and diodes.  We can push the gain channel and have your audience regret not wearing ear-plugs.  Mild boost, oscillations, frequency sweeps, whatever you want, we can make it happen.

Get in touch with Steven via the email section to get a quote on your ideas, or give us a call during our open hours.  Some modifications starting around $40.

For currently available shop-made and pre-modded pedals, head to our Reverb page.  We're always creating more.