Our guitar repair is handled by Jacob Klag who’s been mastering techniques since his time at Berklee College of Music, further honing his skills when attending Galloup School of Guitar Building and Repair.

Fretboard Rehab takes the time to make your instrument balanced.  We handle all fretted and fretless stringed instrument.  Here exists  a fundamental and practiced knowledge applicable to the visible functions of each instrument, down to the grain structure of the wood incorporated, and the electronics placed into them.

Sometimes, the build of an instrument was never quite right from the factory.  Other times, weather, heat, humidity, and the life and stress of a guitars string tension has forced it into a state of uncomfortable playability.  Much of the issues a guitar develops comes from the years and seasons it has travelled through.  This is where we apply geometry, measurements, tools, and elbow grease.

If you were told your instrument could not be repaired, and maybe it holds a sentimental place in your hands, ask us for our thoughts.  We take on all complexity and do what others may not.

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